Moving Services

An experienced move team is vital in the implementation of a successful relocation, services to assist in a move could include: pre-packing services, qualified movers, transportation, equipment and materials

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Once all pre-planning and scheduling are completed, move dates are established. The scope of moving services determines the tasks and timeframe to complete all services.

When the scope of services, there are a wide variety of factors a moving company offers to effectively perform a move. Asking key questions can avoid any miscommunications during move services. 

The importance of an effective move is based on the following sequence of events to occur for a successful move:

Materials required for the move are essential. Providing moving cartons or crates should be delivered in advanced for employees to pack personal contents, responsibilities should be assigned in advanced for pre-packing services to avoid this task from occurring during the move.

Managing the IT/Computer disconnects/Reconnects must be addressed prior to the move to insure this service is handled by customers or contracted to movers upon move completion a help desk service and post move will provide a satisfied move service has been completed in a timely manner.

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